Massage FAQ


Is is good to talk whilst having a massage?

It is depending on you but I would suggest if you keep quiet and enjoy your pressure while you are having massage would be beneficial best for yourself, but feel free to talk if you would like to or you prefer to talk as everyone different.

Do you have parking?

Yes, I have driveway parking facility for my customer or you can park on the street or on the far rear back parking spaces behide my house.

What sort of time appointments do you offer?
I open Mon – Sat 9am-9pm. Just drop me a message for checking the time. Text me time and date appointments for few options those you are looking for.
I will get back to you soon as possible.
Am I covered all the time?

Yes, I will use my technique with the towel and cover you at all times, even when you turn over I will not see you as I will cover you with towel or make the towel as a barrier so I will not see you when you turn over. No need to worry I will not see anything as I will use the towel technique so you can’t be seen while you turn over. I will just open the part that needed to open for oil massage, the rest of your body will be covered. I will not expose your body. You must wear pant or boxer at all times.

Do you offer massage treatments for men?
Yes, I do offer my massage service for men but will need to be on my schedule that I able to do for safety reason.
I do not offer mobile treatment to home visit to brand new men customers except they are well known to me or referred by my own customer those I trust.
Thanks for understand
What should I wear?

For Aromatherapy Oil Massage and Hot Stone Massage:
Your clothing will be required to be taken off and you will wear pant or boxer at all time, and I will cover you with my big towel. I will open just part that needed to have massage.

For Back Shoulders and Neck massage and Hot stone half body massage:
Your clothing will be required to be taken off, on that half top or Legs massage. It will be the same as full body massage I will cover you with towel and open just part that needed to have massage. If you have Legs massage you will need to wear pant or boxer all the times.

For Foot reflexology:
You do not need to take any clothing off, but you need to wear your own comfy trousers. The trousers will need to be the type that I can roll it up to the top of your knee easy for foot and legs massage.

Facial, Head, Shoulders and Neck massage:
Your top will be required to be taken off, but I will cover you with big towel.

Why do you not answer you phone when I call?

If I haven’t answered the phone call, please send me a message. I am probably busy with a client in the treatment room. I tuner off my phone whilst massaging to keep a peaceful environment.

Also, I have been taking a lot of strange phone calls asking me do I offer extras? What size am I? etc. I do not offer any sexual services! Only my treatments listed on the website.

My Calendar on the website is always up-to date, so you can book a slot online, this is the quickest and easy way to book.

My English language is average. I find that clients talking with me via phone sometimes do not understand my accent, so it is better for you and me to text. I believe it will make it clearer and more understandable on text message, but feel free to call me if I am not massaging, I will answer the calls.

Thanks for all customers those who understand me and take time to text me messages.

Thank you!


After a massage with you, will it hurt?

If you have tight shoulders and knotted muscles and I did quite a very firm pressure.

Yes, you will be sore all-around those muscles for a few days. Depending on the treatment needed it could be up to a week before you feel all the muscles feel lighter and feel better.

Can I travel to you Via Bus?

My house on the bus stop named Gavin Drive in Braddon Road.

You can take the bus from Loughborough town on bus stop near Tesco and Sports Direct next to the stair bus stop.

You can take the bus from the bus stop in front of KFC.

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